As a homeowner with a pool or spa, you have more responsibility than the average homeowner. There’s the upkeep of the pool as well as all of the cleaning and sanitizing you need to do to keep it in tip-top shape. If you had a pool and spa inspection performed by Valley Building Inspections when you bought the house, it might be time for another one, and here’s why.

Why You Need a Pool & Spa Inspection

Can Assist in a Liability Claim

As part of your homeowner’s insurance policy, you likely have protection from someone suing you if they get hurt while using your pool. Still, the occasional accident or misfortune can happen, and the insurance company will want to know what went wrong. Here is where a pool and spa inspection comes into play. More than likely, we’ll get called out to your home to perform a brand new inspection of the area. Our evaluation may seem tedious, but the more detailed we are, the better your insurance company can determine what happened. Covering your asset with an inspection is always in your best interest. 

Can Accurately Diagnose the Damage

In some (rare) cases, the insurance claim doesn’t match the physically visible damage. Sometimes, what you think is a result of one thing is a result of something else entirely. For example, the red, rust-looking spots at the bottom of your pool may not result from the neighbor’s wrought iron fence. In fact, these stains could be from decomposing organic material. However, this is only something you’d know with a full inspection. 

Can Provide Details on Critical Maintenance

Even though you take care of your pool, you may find a time when you can’t seem to troubleshoot the problem. Here is where a pool and spa inspection can come into play. Our experts have decades of experience, so we know just where to look and what to look for. For example, it might be an issue with your pump or a clogged water line. The problems you’re having could also be related to foundation shifts or other structural damages after a storm. A thorough inspection can help you make all of these necessary repairs so that your pool remains in good working order. 

Let’s Inspect

At Valley Building Inspections, we take pride in our services. We work with homeowners throughout Phoenix, AZ, performing everything from termite inspections to luxury home inspections. In addition, our pool and spa inspections are highly sought after. So, if you want to request a quote, make sure you call us today at (480) 860-1100