How Long to Wait to Swim after Shocking the Pool?

June 23, 2022 | Home Inspection

Summer is in full swing and that probably means you’re getting lots of pool time. If you’re like us, you probably can’t wait to take a dip in your sparkling, clean pool. But owning a backyard pool comes with a lot of maintenance and upkeep, including regular inspections from Valley Building Inspections. One key part of pool maintenance is shocking the water so it stays clean and algae-free. But how long should you wait to swim after shocking the pool? Let’s find out!

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Why You Need a Pool and Spa Inspection

April 25, 2022 | Home Inspection

As a homeowner with a pool or spa, you have more responsibility than the average homeowner. There’s the upkeep of the pool as well as all of the cleaning and sanitizing you need to do to keep it in tip-top shape. If you had a pool and spa inspection performed by Valley Building Inspections when you bought the house, it might be time for another one, and here’s why.

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3 Things Pool Inspectors Look At

May 27, 2020 | Phoenix

Having a pool in your backyard offers your family a serene retreat in the hot Phoenix summers. However, these backyard retreats require constant upkeep and maintenance, something that many new homeowners don’t take into consideration. If you’re looking at buying a home with a pool, make sure you get a pool inspection. Similar to a home inspection, a pool inspection can help identify damage, risks, and unsafe sanitation features that could help you get a better price on the home. At Valley Building Inspections, we cover it all, and here’s what we look for during inspections. 

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