Having a pool in your backyard offers your family a serene retreat in the hot Phoenix summers. However, these backyard retreats require constant upkeep and maintenance, something that many new homeowners don’t take into consideration. If you’re looking at buying a home with a pool, make sure you get a pool inspection. Similar to a home inspection, a pool inspection can help identify damage, risks, and unsafe sanitation features that could help you get a better price on the home. At Valley Building Inspections, we cover it all, and here’s what we look for during inspections. 

3 Things Pool Inspectors Look At

1. Interior Condition

Part of the job of a pool inspector includes inspecting the interior of the pool. As an essential part of a pool’s structure, the plaster, or flooring, should be intact with no chips or cracks. The trimming tile around the pool should also be in prime condition. Inspectors will look for loose or missing tiles and any grout repairs that need to be made. They will also note any suspicious stains found on the flooring or around the tile. If you have a pool with a vinyl lining, then an inspector will look for tears, air bubbles, and any lining that’s pulling away from the trim around the top. 

2. Safety & Security

While taking a look at the actual pool is essential, an inspector will also look at the fencing and securing latches of the gates. Pool fencing should be in good condition and be at least 5 feet high. A secured fence around the pool ensures children and unwanted guests can’t climb into your pool area, thus limits the risks of accidental drownings. You can also expect the pool cover and its condition to be inspected, ensuring that the material is durable and creates a sturdy surface across the top of the pool. 

3. Pool Equipment

While on their quest around the pool area, inspectors will also take a look at the pool equipment, including the filter, the pump, and the heater, if there is one. They’ll make sure any chlorine or salt water sanitation system is running correctly, and that the water pH and chemical levels are appropriately set. Any repairs or replacements that need to be done immediately to the pool can give many home buyers leverage and negotiating power on the price of the home. 

Get a Pool Inspection Today

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