There’s something about luxury homes that seems to make them irresistible. Maybe it’s the promise of a life of glamour and ease, or maybe it’s the allure of living in a palace. Whatever it is, people are always drawn to luxury homes. And, for the most part, these homes deliver on their promises. But even the best-built homes can experience problems – and when they do, it’s usually with the foundation. Thankfully, you’ve got a professional team on your side at Valley Building Inspections, and we’ll never shy away from telling you why or how foundations can fail, even with luxury homes.

Why the Foundations of Luxury Homes Fail

Too Much Clay Soil

When it comes to luxury homes, nothing is more important than having a sturdy foundation. Unfortunately, one of the most common causes of foundation failure is too much clay soil. Clay soil is notorious for shifting and expanding with changes in moisture levels, which can quickly cause problems for a home’s foundation. So if your luxury home is built on clay soil, make sure to have regular foundation inspections – and be prepared for expensive repairs down the road.

Below-Slab Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks below the slab are a serious problem and can cause extensive damage to a home’s foundation. If you notice any signs of a plumbing leak, such as water stains on the walls or ceilings, or unexplained moisture in the flooring, be sure to have it checked out by a professional immediately. You may also have soggy sections on your lawn, indicating that the problem is below ground. Left untreated, plumbing leaks can quickly lead to structural damage and expensive repairs.

Improper Moisture Mitigation

One of the most common causes of foundation failure is improper moisture mitigation. If your luxury home isn’t adequately protected against moisture infiltration, you can expect to experience serious foundation problems down the road. For homes with basements, take special precautions to keep the basement dry by installing a good drainage system and using a dehumidifier to keep the humidity levels in check. You should also make sure that the gutters and downspouts are properly aligned so that water doesn’t flow near the foundation. For homes without basements, this means you’ll need to protect the upper level from moisture infiltration and proper foundation drainage.

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