Before you purchase a home, you must get a home inspection. This report from Valley Building Inspections will point out the positive aspects of the house while also highlighting significant issues. Opting to skip an inspection could be a disaster, setting you up to pay out of pocket for major repairs. Yet, the question often comes up of who should attend. So, we thought we’d clear the air about this frequently asked question.

Who Can Attend a Home Inspection?

The Seller

Sellers typically aren’t present at a home inspection. While it’s still technically their property, the buyer is paying to have the inspection done and gets to choose who attends. Some sellers choose not to attend, feeling as though they may not get the chance to have a private conversation with the inspector. Still, if a buyer invites you to attend, it’s wise to go. You’ll get to see where improvements can be made. You’ll also be able to prepare yourself for any additional costs the buyer may request before closing. 

The Buyer

The buyer should be present for a home inspection. Not only is this the prime time to walk through the home and get to know the space, but you can ask all the questions you want. Additionally, the inspector will be able to show you how all the home systems operate. Even further, you will be made aware of any issues that need to be addressed before moving in as well as any issues that may pose a safety hazard in the future. 

The Buyer’s Agent

In some rare cases where the buyer can’t attend, we advise you still send your agent. They may even tag along if you’re still able to come, thinking of questions you may not have thought of yourself. It’s always best to have your representation present, as they can help prepare a counteroffer on your behalf. With first-hand knowledge of what was discussed, your real estate agent can help you make a wise purchasing decision. 

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