So, you’re buying a house for the first time, but you’re not too familiar with the home inspection process? Well, you’ve come to the right place! As the number one home inspector in Phoenix, AZ, Valley Building Inspections understands the importance of providing a thorough and detailed report that reflects the true condition of the property. However, not all inspectors mimic our standards. So, we’re giving you all the details on what we consider good home inspection reports today.

4 Must-Haves on Home Inspection Reports

1. Structural Integrity

One of the most critical elements of any home inspection is assessing the home’s structural integrity, including the foundation, walls, and roof. As home inspectors, it’s our job to go through every nook and cranny of the house and provide a detailed and accurate report on the condition of the property. This includes identifying any potential structural issues or significant defects that could impact the home’s safety, stability, or value. 

2. Working Appliances

For most homebuyers, functioning appliances are essential. You want to know that the stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, washer, and dryer are all working properly. As we go through the inspection process, we check all of these appliances and note any issues or repairs that may be necessary. Even minor problems can give buyers a reason to renegotiate the price or ask for repairs before closing the deal.

3. Safety Concerns

Another item on most homebuyers’ priority list is the safety of the property. You want to know that this new home is safe for yourself and your family. Aspects of the home we look out for include electrical and plumbing issues and the presence of mold, asbestos, and radon gas. We also check for any health hazards and provide detailed information in your home inspection report. As buyers, we know you’ll appreciate knowing the dangers associated with the property.

4. Pest Inspections

During our walk-throughs, we take the time to check for signs of pests, such as termites, rodents, and other critters in and around the home. If not detected early, these pests can cause significant damage to the property and compromise its structural integrity. As part of your inspection, we check all areas of the property, including the attic, basement, and crawl spaces, and provide a detailed report on any evidence of pests or pest-related problems. 

Make an Informed Buying Decision

Buying a home is likely the most expensive purchase you’ll make in your lifetime. So, you need to know that it’s in excellent condition before signing the paperwork. That’s why so many people in Phoenix, AZ, turn to Valley Building Inspections. Our buyer, new construction, and luxury home inspections are all detailed and thorough. So, don’t mess around with the other guys! Request your quote from us today at (480) 860-1100.