Dust is an inevitable problem for many homeowners concerned about their homes’ air quality. No matter how often you clean, it always seems to come back. While it can seem like a never-ending battle, several tips can help keep your home as dust-free as possible. Below, Valley Building Inspections share three of those tips to help you keep your home cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable.

3 Tips for Keeping Your Home Dust-Free

1. Keep Your Windows Clean

Open windows are one of the biggest culprits for dust buildup in the home. While fresh air is nice, it often comes with dust and pollution. To avoid this, keep your windows and screens clean. Regularly washing them with soap and water can help reduce the dust that gets in. You can also use air filters or an air purifier to help keep the air inside your home cleaner.

2. Dust Your Home Regularly

Regular dusting is essential to keeping your home clean and dust-free. Make sure to use a duster or vacuum with a HEPA filter to prevent the spread of dust particles in the air. Be sure to dust all surfaces, including furniture, decor, and electronics. If you have pets, make sure to clean their bedding and bathe them regularly to avoid pet hair and dander buildup.

3. Change Your Air Filters Regularly

One of the most effective ways to reduce dust in your home is to change your air filters regularly. Dirty air filters can cause dust buildup in your HVAC system, reducing efficiency and spreading dust particles throughout your home. Make sure to replace your air filters at least every three months or more often if you have pets or allergies.

Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

Worried about the air quality and dust in your home? It might be worth looking into with the help of Valley Building Inspections. Our team of experts can test your air quality, check your home for radon, and pinpoint any entries for pests. We can do the same for your business here in Scottsdale, AZ. So, request your quote today by calling (480) 860-1100.