When it comes to high-traffic areas, a gas station or convenience store is at the top of the list. Not only do these businesses see a lot of foot traffic, but they’re also often targeted by unfriendly activity. That’s why business owners need to take measures to protect their property and employees. So, here are three things Valley Building Inspections wants you to know before you get an inspection and purchase that building.

3 Things to Know When Buying a Gas Station

1. Be Aware of Environmental Issues

Business owners need to be aware of environmental issues when considering purchasing or leasing a gas station. These areas often have fuel tanks and pumps that can be harmful if not maintained properly. Business owners should ask about the status of these items and make sure they’re up to code before making a purchase.

2. Ask About Pump and Tank Issues

In addition to environmental issues, business owners should also ask about any tank and pump issues. These items can be costly to repair or replace, so it’s important to know their status before making a purchase. Poor functioning or outdated pumps can also hurt business and make your gas station a safety hazard. All pumps should be inspected regularly to stay up-to-date with regulations and codes.

3. Know What Current Security Looks Like

Finally, it’s crucial for business owners to know what the current security looks like for the entire property. Unfortunately, gas stations and convenience stores are often seen as easy targets, so it’s important that you take measures to protect the property and employees. With an initial inspection, we can help you identify areas of weakness and suggest safety changes.

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