One of the worst things that can happen to your home is a sewer line or septic failure. When a sewer malfunction happens, gallons of toxic wastewater saturates the ground, leaking into underground water sources or even into your home. That’s why it’s critical to have a sewer inspection done every three to five years. Yet, there are other reasons to call Valley Building Inspections for a sewer inspection, and we’ve listed them here.

3 Reasons You Need a Sewer Inspection

1. Large Trees

If you have large trees on your property near your sewer line or septic field, you run the risk of root intrusion. Roots naturally seek out sources of nutrients and water, and your sewer lines are the perfect targets. Even the smallest leak can invite roots to start growing through your sewer lines. Eventually, the tree’s roots take over the pipes, filling them with rock, sediments, and more root systems. This network of underground rooting means you could have a busted pipe and not even know it yet. So, that’s why a sewer scope inspection is important. Special cameras and equipment can pick up potential leaks or intrusions, allowing you to make repairs before the problem worsens. 

2. Prevents Unnecessary Digging

If you’re having plumbing and septic issues, schedule a sewer inspection before you do anything else. Having video evidence of what’s actually causing the problem can prevent unnecessary digging. What might start as a small hole in your lawn could quickly turn into a three-foot trench if you and your plumber don’t know what you’re looking for. If you want to avoid digging up your entire lawn to find a leak, clog, or collapsed pipe, then it’s time to call for a sewer inspection.

3. Insurance Purposes

Are you trying to avoid a headache with the insurance company while filing a repair claim? Then you’ll want to include your sewer inspection video. With irrefutable evidence on file, your claim will be harder to deny should something happen to your plumbing. You can also prove the condition of your pipes at the time of the incident, rather than guessing. Finally, with a video in hand, you stand a better chance at having your entire plumbing or septic repair paid for by your homeowner’s insurance.

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Did you know that many common plumbing defects won’t show up on a basic home inspection? That’s why having a sewer inspection is critical, especially if you own an older home or are buying a new one. At Valley Building Inspections, we proudly offer Scottsdale, AZ, residents professional services that include sewer inspections, seller inspections, pool and spa inspections, 1-year warranty inspections, and more! So, give us a call today at (480) 860-1100.