A pre-listing inspection is a home inspection that the seller requests before they put the home on the market. Like buyer inspections, a pre-listing review from Valley Building Inspections has many benefits. Most sellers want to know the current condition of their homes before selling. So, they call us to get those details and make all the repairs before putting the house on the market. Still, there are plenty of other reasons to get this type of inspection done, and we’re talking about just three of them here.

3 Reasons to Get a Pre-Listing Inspection

1. Understand the Condition of the Home

During a buyer home inspection, we look at all the major systems in the home, including the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical. We also look at things like the foundation, roof, and overall structural aspects of the home. With a pre-listing inspection, we look at all the same things. Then, you can make a more informed decision about whether or not you’re ready to sell. It’s better to know about these issues beforehand and not at the negotiating table with a buyer. 

2. Get Ahead of Repairs

Because our report outlines the home’s current condition and potential repairs, you can get ahead of these before listing the property. You can also work with your real estate agent to determine which repairs need to be made before selling, and which ones to disclose to buyers. Should you choose to make some of the major repairs before selling, you increase your potential for a higher return on investment. 

3. Attract Serious Buyers

Whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market, every prospective buyer wants to avoid purchasing a money pit. But, with a pre-listing inspection in hand, you can gain buyer trust and confidence, putting their worrying minds to ease. Additionally, our pre-listing inspections give you more power over the asking price and give you a leg up on the competition in the area. 

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