Keeping your septic tank healthy is crucial for your entire plumbing and waste system. Many homeowners do the right thing by having theirs inspected regularly by Valley Building Inspections. Still, they miss one little step that could lead to serious septic system issues: healthy garbage disposal habits. Contrary to what you might think, not everything can or should go down the disposal. Here are three tips to ensure you don’t overuse your disposal and ruin your septic tank.

3 Garbage Disposal Tips for a Healthy Septic Tank

1. Don’t Dump Your Coffee Grounds

If you find yourself asking whether or not you should dump your coffee grounds down your disposal, then you probably know the answer. Coffee grounds are hard and act like rocks at the bottom of your septic tank. Over time, coffee grounds and other non-dissolvable solids turn into a thick sludge at the bottom of your tank. The only way to dispose of this sludge is to have your tank pumped. And if you dump coffee grounds regularly, you’ll need to have the tank pumped sooner rather than later. 

2. No Paper or Plastic

Your garbage disposal is not meant to eat and chew up plastics or paper, nor is your septic tank. So, if you want to avoid any future issues and clogs in your tank, avoid disposing of plastic and paper down the kitchen drain. Instead, opt to recycle these items. Not only will you be saving yourself a headache, but you’ll also be doing your part in keeping these items from ending up in landfills and oceans. 

3. Run Cold Water

When using your garbage disposal, make sure you run a steady stream of cold water during and after the cycle. Hot water tends to keep things liquified and warm, leading to clogs and issues for you. However, cold water solidifies waste, making it easier for your disposal to grind up, and then helps waste flow through your pipe and into your septic. 

Septic Inspections Reveal Potential Issues

If you use your garbage disposal regularly but haven’t had your septic system inspected, then it’s time to call Valley Building Inspections. Or, if you’re buying a home with a septic system, make this a part of your buyer’s inspection. Regardless of your circumstances, scheduling an appointment with us could reveal some potential issues and give you a chance to correct them. We can even add this specialty inspection to our pre-listing inspection if you’re considering selling. So, if you live in or around Phoenix, AZ, request your quote today at (480) 860-1100.