When not at the office, people generally spend most of their time at home. This means the indoor air quality of your home matters, and you should know what’s floating around in your air. With an indoor air quality test from Valley Building Inspections, you can get all of these details in a matter of hours. Poor indoor air quality can lead to various health issues and affect everyone in your home, including your pets. Here are three benefits to improving the air in your home.

3 Benefits of Better Indoor Air Quality

1. Better Sleep

Believe it or not, poor indoor air quality can affect the quality of your sleep. This is why it’s so essential that you improve your indoor air quality. When you can breathe easier, your body can rest easier, which is crucial for a great night’s sleep. Better sleep also means you lower your stress levels and feel more refreshed the next morning, which can then help you with conflict resolution at work, help you focus, and prevent mid-day sluggishness. 

2. Fewer Allergies

Indoor allergies are directly linked to the number of pollutants and toxins in your indoor air. Mold and pet dander are a significant influencer of your indoor allergies, and reducing them can help you breathe easier. If you want to help ease your allergies, you could try better furnace filters, HEPA air purifiers, or treating any rooms with mold. These steps are essential in improving your indoor air quality and overall health. 

3. Eliminate Odors

Maintaining your indoor air quality ensures that you don’t leave too much moisture in the air for mold and other pollutants to linger. Mold and moisture give off a distinct musty smell and can make it difficult for some of your family members to breathe. Pets are another source of indoor odors, and more than one animal in the house can make your home smell unpleasant. So, if you’re looking to eliminate these unwanted odors, then it’s time to invest in an indoor air quality test and filtration system. 

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The air in your home carries mold and other volatile organic compounds. The only way to know how high these levels are is to have an indoor air quality test performed by the team at Valley Building Inspections. We proudly serve residents throughout Phoenix, AZ, and also offer other services including termite inspections, sewer inspections, and 1-year warranty inspections. To request a quote, call us today at (480) 860-1100.