Protecting your home from the elements is always at the top of your mind. But, what may not be is protecting your home from wood-destroying insects and pests. Termites are the leading cause of structural damage, and identifying their colonies is crucial. Still, many homeowners don’t even know where to start, and they end up calling Valley Building Inspections too late. So, here are some quick and easy questions to ask yourself to determine if a termite inspection is in your future.

Does My Home Need a Termite Inspection?

Do I Live in a Wooded Area?

While termites can pop up in any home, they’re most common in homes surrounded by wooded areas or vegetation. If this sounds like your property, then you should certainly have a termite inspection done. Not only do these WDIs love the landscape around you, but they also love the fresh wood within your walls. But, with all the wooded areas around you, it might be hard to identify a colony before it’s too late. 

Do I Have Bubbling Paint?

When looking for termites yourself, look for rooms and baseboards around your home that appear to be bubbling or flaking. If you don’t have a mold or moisture issue, this paint coming off the walls is a key indication you have termites. It’s also one of the most apparent signs since this type of damage mimics a serious water leak. 

Am I Finding Wood Shavings?

When termites take over your home, they can leave little piles of wood shavings around window frames, doorways, and baseboards. You might not notice them at first, considering them to be piles of dust or debris. However, you should definitely take these seriously if you find them all throughout your home. If you have furniture with wooden legs, you should check around the posts as well. Termites do not discriminate, and any wood in your home is fair game.

Are You Ready for an Inspection?

If any of these questions and answers listed above sound like you, then it’s time to call Valley Building Inspections for a termite inspection. Our team of experts knows just what to look for and where termites like to colonize. We want to help protect your home here in Phoenix, AZ. So, give us a call today at (480) 860-1100. Don’t forget to ask us about radon testing, air quality testing, and pre-listing inspections