Getting a home inspection before you buy or sell a home is crucial. However, the quality of the home inspection company matters as well. You want to know that you’re getting a knowledgeable inspector who cares about the home and knows what to look for. That’s why so many people choose Valley Building Inspections. While we look at all the home’s structural aspects, we also look at other areas and systems in the home. Here are several of the areas you didn’t know we look at during our inspection.

3 Things You Didn't Know Inspectors Look At

1. Range Fans & Outdoor Vents

The vent above the stove has a very specific purpose: it’s used to vent out volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while the food cooks on the stove or when you use the self-cleaning option of the oven. These fumes can be dangerous and deadly if allowed to linger in your home, so making sure that the range vent is clear and working properly is part of our job. We’ll also make sure that none of the vents funnel into the attic, which can allow mold growth and cause your family more harm later down the road. 

2. Garage Door Operation

In addition to checking all the other aspects of the home, the garage door operation is another one we include in our inspections. It’s our job to ensure that there’s no crush risk and that the entire garage door system is working properly. We look at how the door comes down, the springs that hold the door, and that the sensors on the garage floor that prevent injury when something is in the way. If the garage door remote controls don’t work, we’ll make sure to note that on our report as well. 

3. Number of Outlets 

The number of outlets in each room is another thing we look for. We will make a note of walls with more than one outlet, especially in smaller bedrooms. Building codes require a minimum number of outlets in a room, and we make sure to account for each and every one. Furthermore, we’ll make sure that your outlets are current and not out of date. If you’re thinking about buying an older home, outdated electrical systems and outlets should be something you expect to find on our report. 

Certified Home Inspectors You Can Trust

Finding a home inspector in Phoenix or Scottsdale, AZ, isn’t difficult. But, finding one you can trust is another thing. For decades, Valley Building Inspections has been the number one inspector in the area. We proudly serve residents and businesses with high-quality buyer inspections, luxury home inspections, and commercial building inspections. Visit us online to request your quote or give us a call today at (480) 860-1100