Installing a new system in a commercial building can be a daunting task. It requires careful planning and numerous inspections and checks throughout the entire process to ensure that everything is working correctly. Unfortunately, there are some common installation issues in commercial buildings that contractors have to look out for when working on sites. Here are just a few Valley Building Inspections runs into on occasion.

3 Common Install Issues in Commercial Buildings

Issue #1 – Poor Planning

One of the most common installation issues in commercial buildings that contractors face is poor planning. This includes anything from not having enough materials on hand or not accounting for the additional time required. Without detailed plans in place before beginning the project, there’s no way of knowing exactly what will be needed or how long it will take, which can lead to costly delays and budget overruns.

Issue #2 – Equipment Malfunction

Another issue that contractors need to be aware of is equipment malfunction. This includes anything from faulty wiring to a defective part or component in the system itself. In most cases, these types of malfunctions require technicians to identify and replace any failed components before continuing with the installation process.

Issue #3 – Improper Maintenance

Finally, improper maintenance after installation is another issue that contractors need to keep an eye on in commercial buildings. Even if everything goes perfectly during the actual installation process, it’s important that all systems are properly maintained over time. This includes both preventative maintenance, such as regular cleaning and inspections, as well as addressing potential repairs right away if something does fail. 

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