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Martin Garcia, Senior Inspector

ASHI Cert. #253334
AZ Cert. #55032 

We are proud to have Martin performing inspections with Valley Building Inspections.  He brings with him over 25 years of contracting experience and is certified for home, pool and termite inspections.  He has excellent communication skills, professionalism, and is fluent in English and Spanish.  Martin completed the Home Inspection Training Program at the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business here in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He has also passed the National Examination of Professional Home Inspector Exam, and in addition, retains his AZ ROC Contractor License (#124062).

Martin spends many of his free weekends in the beautiful state of Hermosillo. He enjoys spending as much time as possible in the great outdoors, horseback riding, camping, and hiking. 

Paul Staron is the President of Valley Building Inspections and founded this inspection firm in 1994 in order to provide the utmost care and service to the Valley of The Sun. Armed with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering, and multiple years as a home builder in Connecticut, he fully understands the needs of property owners. He has held a General Contractor  License and has inspected over 7000 properties.

In 2003, Paul held the office of President of the Arizona chapter of ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors).   In 2006, Paul achieved the designation of AZ ASHI Senior Inspector and has also served on the National Board of Directors of ASHI for a 3-year term. Since 2006 Paul has also been a licensed Termite Inspector. Paul is currently serving on the National Examination Board of Professional Home Inspector (EBPHI), where he has also served as President and developed a standardized training manual for home inspectors. Paul Staron has been awarded various accolades for his high level of service back to the profession including the ASHI 2010 Ironman Award and has taught various courses on home inspection. 

Bob WalsteAd, Senior Inspector

ASHI Cert. #10253
AZ Cert. #61969 

MEET Our Team

Bob graduated from the University of Minnesota and served the United States in the Army reserve for 24 years before retiring with the rank of Major. He began performing inspections in 1984, following a ten-year career in real estate management.  He has served three years on the ASHI Board of Directions and is the current Vice President of the national branch of ASHI. He moved to the Valley of the Sun from Colorado Springs in 2015 and is an EMMA graduate of the AHIT Home Inspectors Training Course.  Bob is a certifies ASHI Inspector, License number #61969.

Meet the face behind the phone! Jeanne received MBA from University of Massachusetts 1984, with an emphasis in Management Information Systems. For the next 6 years she worked in executive marketing for IBM in Connecticut, where she met her husband, Paul Staron.  Jeanne and Paul moved to Arizona in 1990, where she worked for Motorola in Secure Communications.  After 8 years with Motorola, she and Paul founded Valley Building Inspections. in 1994.  Jeanne handles all Scheduling, Marketing, Sales and Communication services for the corporation. 

When she isn't working in the office at VBI, Jeanne enjoys practicing and teaching Yoga and Meditation classes throughout the Valley.  When you call VBI, you are guaranteed to be met with a friendly (and peaceful) voice.

Jeanne Staron,         Vice President of VBI 

Paul Staron, President of VBI

ASHI Cert. #200028

AZ Cert. #38061